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 This latest creation from Billy Attinger and Inconceivable Studios introduces us to the life of the self proclaimed King of Leisure™ - Jack Squat™, who after losing his job, his money and his home soon discovered true Nirvana in a wonderful life of leisure. Jack encourages us to follow his laid back philosophy through his series of "Jack Squat About..." Books and his King of Leisure™ comic strip series. He relieves our stress through his humorous MAN-nerisms™ that proclaim, “Anything worth doing is worth doing tomorrow.” And he reinstills that sense of “Guy Pride” through his apparel and greeting cards where he can be found passing gas then commenting “Love is in the air…can you feel it?”


The Jack Squat™ brand appeals to men 18-80 and those who live with them, know them and love them. This latest creation in a long line of niche marketed brands will finally answer that age old question, "What do I get for that special MAN who has everything?" Get him, JACK SQUAT™


Property Type: Art & Entertainment Property

Licensed Products:  Art, Apparel, Stationery, Greeting Cards

Target Market: Men 18-80

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